The importance of Transitional Justice in our society

Mitrovicë/a 27.04.2016: In cooperation with Community Building Mitrovica, Humanitarian Law Center-Kosovo organized workshop with the topic of transitional justice. In this activity participated young people from South and North Mitrovica. The workshop started with the movie ‘’The act of killing’’ that focuses on the perpetrators of the Indonesian killings of 1965-66 in the present, that offered to the participants an insight of the means of perception towards crimes on a society that denies or treats them as such.

Mr.Bekim Blakaj head of HLC-Kosovo gave a presentation regarding the last conflict that happened in Kosovo and informed the participants for different initiatives regarding data collection of the victims such as Kosovo Memory Book. Mr.Blakaj continued with the explanation of the transitional justice and its main pillars, as well as the process of the dealing with past. During the discussion it was agreed that the implementation of transitional justice mechanisms are crucial for the development of the societies that went through conflict.

The aim of this workshop was to raise awareness of the youth who are often misinformed by politicized version of history and promote the importance of transitional justice.


CBM organizes study visit in Macedonia


Mitrovicë/a 26.04.2016: From 20 – 23rd of April, a group of 14 civil society activists from Mitrovica were part of a study visit in Gostivar, Macedonia. The purpose of the study visit was to get an inside glimpse of the work of local institutions and civil society organizations, their cooperation, their inclusion in decision making processes, lobbying, advocacy.

Civil Society representatives had an opportunity to share the challenges and tools to improve the work and implement those tools and mechanisms in their own municipalities with peers from Macedonia. They met representatives from municipalities Gostivar, Vrapciste and Bogovina and NGOs Help, Youth Empowerment Platform, Red Cross, ADI among others, and got an insight how the cooperation works.  Besides good governance field, participants were eager to know more about the way of living in mixed municipalities and compare it to their own cities.

This study visit was part of the capacity building for local CSOs for monitoring, lobbying and advocacy, within the project 'My need, my decision' implemented by CBM in partnership with CRYM. Funded by European Union Office in Kosovo and co-funded by Netherlands Embassy in Prishtina, Austrian Development Agency and MOTT foundation.