• First meeting with CSOs organized

    Meeting with local NGOs: identification of organizations, their capabilities and needs for monitoring local institutions

    Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) in partnership with the Center of Resources, Youth and Media (CRYM) is implementing the project "Civil Society is watching: demanding for accountability and transparency at the local level." This project is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo and co-financing by the Austrian Development Agency. The overall objective of this project is to contribute in increasing the accountability and transparency of local institutions through active participation of civil society. Within the project, first meeting with local CSOs was held on 12/09/2014 in CBM premises.

    The aim of the meeting was to identify organizations that deal with cooperation/monitoring of the work of local authorities, experience of NGOs and addressing needs to advance the work of NGOs in enhancing transparency. 



We want fun no boring summer

Roma Mahalla children summer camp 18 - 22 August 2014

CBM has implemented a project at “Roma Mahalla” in Mitrovica south “We want fun, no boring summer” the summer camp with Roma Children with the aim of raising the awareness of the children on their rights and the safe environment.

The camp was followed by 168 children directly in all activities 65 girls and 103 boys including their parents and other relatives and people from the neighborhood. The activities started to be implemented on August 18th with cleaning areas where the activities took place and the neighborhood. The main and the summer camp activities started on August 19th with sport – football tournament. In parallel with the football tournament a drawing activity with two groups of children was organized: children group from 5-7 year old and another group from 8-14 years old.

Third day activities continued with sport, drawing and traditional games: basket ball boys from 14-17 years old and drawing groups. The fourth day included drawing, music drama, dodge ball, competition and traditional games. The activities continued with: drawing groups; music; drama. The last day was marked with the closing camp event with performances of the participants of the camp, such as: drama, music, competition, belly dance, folklore and exhibition of the photographs that were made by the children an activity organized during the entire summer camp.

The project is supported by NGO Terres des Hommes in Pristina. 






Access Summer Camp 26th-30th August in Hotel "Sharri" Prevallë/Prevala

Group picture of Access Summer Camp participantsCommunity Building Mitrovica and AFPK in partnership with KETNET for the first time in Access history in Kosova, with the initiative of the Office of English Language Program organized a joint summer camp in Prevalla.The summer camp was part of the Access Program a project sponsored by U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). The aim of this camp was to provide English skills, community building, getting to know to American culture and increase their knowledge about democratic values. ECA also assigned two English Language Fellow Officers Kate Mulvey and Daniel Peres to support with facilitating the summer camp. The camp was coordinated by Kushtrim Morina (Gjilan) and Aferdita Sylaj (Mitrovice) both Access Program coordinators with a staff of ten experienced English teachers from both cities Gjilan and Mitrovica.

The camp attendees were 68 ethnically diverse students The staff room, materials organised by day(Albanian, Serbian, Roma, Goran) from 14 to 18 years old.Students expresions are positive about the camp and the whole program of Access Program. The students have enjoyed being all together in one camp, practicing English language, play with their peers. 

Birthday cakes for two students

Passing the Hula Hop without catching by handOpening and introduction to program by two directors CBM and KETNETCamp fire Team leaders with their groupsstaff MeetingsAmerican snakes prepared by staff

Dividing students in groups