• Language helps to overcome prejudices

    Graduation Ceremony for the Access Program students 2012-2014 &  Awarding Ceremony for the Access Program students 2014-2016. 

    Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) in partnership with Association for Peace (AFPK) hold a Graduation and Awarding Ceremony for the Access Program students on 20th of November, which also brought people from North Mitrovica, Zvecan and Mitrovica South together.

    “We are glad to welcome the second generation of the Access Program, but also to honor the first generation, who successfully passed all tests, actively participated and improved their English Language during this program. But we are also very happy that many parents joined this ceremony as well. It is good to have people from different in such a big number together here”, summarized the Director of CBM Aferdita Syla about the ceremony.

    After two years of After School Instruction and Intensive Sessions, the English Access Microscholarship Program provided a foundation of English language skills and informatics to bright 13-20 year-olds and helped them to take advantage of opportunities that had previously been unavailable to them.

    “But it also brought the youngster from North Mitrovica, Zvecan and South Mitrovica together. During the last two years they have been together in summer camps and did some excursions. There they got the knowledge about the American culture and the democratic values. Especially with the help of their improved English skills they were able to overcome prejudices and sharing experiences”, explains Aferdita Syla.

    On the ceremony the Deputy Chief of Mission at U.S embassy in Pristina Ms. Jennifer Bachus during her speech, graduated the students for their acxhivements and reminded them how important is to learn different lenguages. 

    „English Language, like any other language if it is not practiced it can be forgoten. Kosovo is a country where english language is very much spoken, therfore leran because it is really worth it and I am sure that students by learning the language make a good experience ”, said Ms. Bachus. 

    With the support of the American Embassy, Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) in partnership with Association for Peace (AFPK) started the project in 2012. More than 80 students from North Mitrovica, Zvecan and South Mitrovica attened in the past and today the English Access Microscholarship Programm.  


On-the-job training / Committee for gender equality

On 31
st March 5 CSOs that were delegated for monitoring process of gender equality, (NGOs ACDC, CPT, CWD, Santa Marija) had its first meeting with Mrs. Fatmire Musa, Legal Representative of Committee for Gender Equality of Municipality Mitrovica south. The meeting with Mrs. Musa and CSOs took place in CBM premises. CSOs took opportunity to discuss more on the work of the Committee, their duties, responsibilities and the role they have on the work of the gender equality issues. This meeting was the first one in the series of monitoring work that will come in upcoming period during the “on-the-job-training”.  

One day workshop for on the job training

Under the project ‘’Civil Society is watching you: demand for accountability and transparency on local level’’ CBM and CRYM organized the ‘one day session’ workshop as pre-introduction of the ‘on the job training’.  

The ‘One day session’ workshop took place in CBM premises on 17th March 2015 on which the 12 CSOs from 7 Mitrovica region Municipalities participated (Mitrovica North; Zvecan; Leposavic; and Zubin Potok; Mitrovica South; Vushtrri/Vucitrn; and Skenderaj/Srbica).

On the workshop, participants had opportunity to be familiarized with the CBM monitoring methodology and ‘on-the-job training’ work plan with date of Municipality Committee of Policy and Finance and Assembly meeting. CBM also got the final decision of CSOs for which municipality department are interested to monitor and CSOs are divided into 5 groups who will monitor the various municipal directorate.


The participants showed the great interest and eager for forthcoming ‘On-the-job training’ which will include active participation in the ongoing monitoring process of work of Mitrovica Municipality Assembly.