Fair for Science and Culture in 2015

The high School Student Council,, Frang Bardhi "in Mitrovica in cooperation with Community Building Mitrovica- CBM, today on the 6th of May  starting from 11:00h, did the opening ceremony of the ,,Fair for Science and Culture in 2015’’, in Gymnasium premises,, Frang Bardhi 'in Mitrovica

At the opening of the fair, which was organized on the same day of ,,Day of School'' , Mayor of South Mitrovica ,  Director of Education, Director of Youth, Culture and Sports, Teachers, Students and Directors of other Schools participated. 

Fair include various sectors of Science and Culture such us: Physics, Biology, Language, Geography, History, Art and traditional residential angles.

For those who are interested the fair will be open from 09: 00- 17:00 until Friday, 08.05.2015



USAID Delegation visit CBM

On 28th of April a Delegation from USAID in Washington and Pristina visited Community Building Mitrovica (CBM). The purpose of the visit was meeting with youth who are part of CBM’s different activities where the delegation had the opportunity to discuss and share among other things, their student experiences and their plans and wishes for their future.

Executive director of Community Building Mitrovica, Aferdita Sylaj welcomed the delegation and gave a brief introduction of CBM present program activities, projects, and other information delegation was interested to know more.

USAID delegation were particularly interested to know about the lives of the youth in Kosovo and was very interested to have youth opinions towards the extremism in general and how much is present in their societies, schools, how their family members perceive it, and how much it is affecting their everyday life.Youth were very open and opinionated on the theme of the extremism in Kosovo in general, individually giving their own opinions, thoughts and experiences; besides the topic of extremism, youth mentioned other problems they see in their country, emphasizing very poor economic situation as one of the biggest problem and obstacle. 

As a conclusion, everyone present at the meeting were very satisfied with youth positive opinions, cooperation and commitment, thoughts and solutions for better societies and better life. The activities of CBM have got an appreciation from both the delegation and especially from youth present at the meeting.