About us

Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) is a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) operating in the field of peace and community building in the wider region of Mitrovica, northern municipalities of Kosovo. The overall aim of CBM is to facilitate contact and dialogue between citizens in the whole of Mitrovica municipality. CBMs staff consists of devoted citizens – both Serbs and Albanians – who grew up in this region and want to restore the previous confidence and even friendship that war and politics have destroyed.

By supporting many concrete projects which address the direct needs of the local communities, CBM contributes in a modest way to this aim. The work of the past years has gained the organization a strong reputation on both sides of the Ibar. Fields in which CBM works are: media, culture, youth, women, minorities, dialogue, and return of refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).

CBMs projects are open to members of all communities living in Mitrovica, and wider. CBM often cooperates with other NGOs, helps out with local initiatives and works with local governmental institutions and international organizations in order to initiate, to develop and to implement activities, for the benefit of the communities, in Mitrovica, and wider.

Since February 2003, CBM is officially registered under UNMIK regulation 1999/22 on the registration and operations of NGOs in Kosovo (NGO Registration Certificate). It simultaneously obtained the NGO With Public Benefit Status Certificate (UNMIK regulation 1999/22).


Mission and Vision of CBM

Mitrovica a safe, diverse place where accountable institutions, civil society and active citizens appreciate differences in a democratic culture. 

CBM is an interethnic grassroots organization that identifies, encourages and facilitates joint actions of citizens in the Mitrovica region in order to promote cooperation, co-existence and democratic values.


CBM History

Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) is a local Civil Society Organization (CSO), based in Mitrovica, Kosovo, which was initiated in March 2001 by IKV (Interchurch Peace Council) from The Netherlands. CBM started its work with an International Director, working from one office in the southern, and one in the northern part of Mitrovica. In the beginning of 2003, our organization has been officially registered as a Kosovar CSO, and since then all staff is working from our office in the south, based in the Confidence Area, led by a local Director.